K4 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Premium typing experience for unbeatable productivity

keychron keytron Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Why K4?

K4 introduces the premium optical switches that use light sensors to enhance the speed and efficiency of typing performance. With a compact 96% keyboard layout, the most essential keys are included for optimum productivity. It also provides the Gateron Switches as an alternative option for classic mechanical keyboard lovers. K4 takes the design and technology of wireless mechanical keyboard to the next level.

Optical & Gateron Switches

Anyone who enjoys quicker response and smooth tactile feedback, like gamers, the optical switches are definitely the best choice. 30% quicker response, it is faster than ever. But if you prefer the classic clicky tactile keyboards, then the Gateron switches should be your pick.


Integrating functionality with a compact design. It includes all the essential keys packed in a sturdy exquisite design. K4 is a perfect typing companion for all keyboard enthusiasts.

96% Compact Layout 

Dual Compatibility

Supports different operating systems. It offers multimedia key with Mac layout. And you are able to switch instantly between  Windows and macOS. Use the keyboard in wired mode if you are a gamer or wirelessly if you prefer a mess-free desk. 

Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Gateron switch

Signature Keychron features

Retaining the trusted Keychron features and simplicity style, K4 also has more than 15 RGB backlight options and a high battery capacity of 4000mAh to satisfy your daily usage. K4 is a mechanical keyboard that aims to offer extra.

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What are Optical Switches?

The specially crafted optical switches use light sensors as actuators. The light beam passes through the switch once you press the key, which brings out an instant signal to your computer. Faster than ever. Along with a clicky typing experience and zero key debounce rate, optical switches are highly precise without any compromise. K4 optical switch version allows you to customize and swap switches to suit your style. And with a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes, it's 2 times more durability than other competing switches.


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